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5-10 persons per team, 6 divisions with 16 teams each, CHF 87'000 prize money

The SDC has set itself the goal to improve the sport of darts in Switzerland. For this reason, the SDC Team League will be launched immediately, in order to also offer the clubs / teams an unbeatable game offer. Read on this page why your team should play in the SDC. 

Registration deadline

Registrations can be made until 30.04.2023

Challenger Spot for Premier League!


6 divisions with 16 teams each

A team must consist of at least 5 players (max. 10). Each team must choose a home venue (does not have to be a club venue, the players do not have to be in the same club). According to the chosen venue, the team registers for one of the six divisions:


The 16 teams in each division will play each other once in the so-called Regular Season. The best 8 teams of each division qualify for the SDC Team Finals, which will take place on 17.12.2023 in Basel.

The finals will be played in a knockout system to find the best team in Switzerland. 



All games will be written on tablets via Darts Connect. The tablets are provided by the SDC. 

The SDC takes over the evaluation of the results and creates the updated table after each match day. The detailed allocation of points can be read in the regulations.

Prize money

The SDC Team League is endowed with a total of CHF 87,000 in prize money. 

The winners of the regional divisions will receive CHF 3'000.-, the 2nd placed CHF 2'000.-, the 3rd placed CHF 1'000.-. The winning team of the finals will receive CHF 10'000.-, the 2nd placed teams of the finals CHF 4'000.-. The rest of the distribution can be found in the regulations.


Participation costs CHF 150 per player and CHF 250 per team. 

The fee includes participation in the 2023 season (April - December), as well as the loan of two SDC tablets. If a team decides not to participate in the league in the following year, the tablets must be returned.  

Schedule season 2023

Game plan
Matchdays 1-15 and the SDC Team Finals

Registration in 2. steps

  • Fill out registration form
  • Transfer participation fee

Account data SDC

IBAN: CH82 0840 1000 0700 6892 5 Swiss Darts Corporation Ltd, Blumenstr. 18, 8240 Thayngen


For a better understanding we recommend to look through the regulations at your leisure: